Minnesota Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Kenneth LaBore
Minnesota Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Kenneth LaBore

Minnesota Nursing Home Lawyer

Minnesota Nursing Home Injury Lawyer. The term nursing home injury lawyer is one which is really broader since there are many types of elder and vulnerable adult service providers ranging from in home services, memory care, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities often called “nursing homes”.   Many nursing homes are federally subsidized and accept Medicare Medicaid payments and are regulated by federal regulations.

Nursing Home Injury Obstacles

In Minnesota nursing home and other types of elder abuse and neglect claims are considered medical malpractice claims for a breach in the standard of care for that type of provider and usually require expert witness support neglect in order to start a lawsuit.  Depending on the facts many cases are also wrongful death claims which have additional requirements such as the necessity to appoint a trustee on behalf of the surviving next-of-kin and limitations on damages such as pain and suffering.

To be successful a nursing home injury lawyer must be familiar with the state and federal regulations which set forth the minimum standards for care and treatment in facilities, also how to research the history of facilities including their past Medicaid surveys and Minnesota Department of Health Office of Health Facilities complaints for substantiated allegations of deficiencies.

Elder neglect cases are often very complicated as the resident or client may have numerous medical conditions make the resident more vulnerable and the injury must be separated from prior conditions.  Often there are records from many medical providers and specialists, as well as bills for hospital stays for several diagnostic codes at once and other facts that need to be sorted out.   There are also numerous statutes dealing with medical liens and particular settlement issues such as consideration for changes in future medical needs for parties, or distribution to next-of-kin as examples.

As a nursing home injury lawyer it is important to understand how the residents are injured and how to show the breach in the standard of care.   Often this includes the need to depose or take testimony of the staff of the nursing home and other professional including nurses, administrators and doctors and coroners to establish the necessary elements of the case.

A Nursing Home Lawyer Can Be a Great Resource for Information

For more information about elder abuse and neglect see the Resources page for many links to sites about elder abuse and neglect as well as summaries of regulations, resident rights and other important issues.

Most importantly if you suspect a vulnerable adults is the victim of abuse or neglect report your suspicions then call Attorney Kenneth LaBore for information on your options to how to ensure the safety of the resident and then get accountability to protect that resident and others.

Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Kenneth LaBore

Kenneth LaBore is an attorney who has handled thousands of injury cases and hundreds of elder abuse neglect and wrongful death claims for clients throughout the state of Minnesota.   Many of the cases include falls, medication errors, failure to respond to a change in condition, assaults and other forms of abuse and neglect.  There is a common theme of short staffing leading to a environment where vulnerable adults usually senior citizens some with dementia or Alzheimer’s are put at risk.

For a free consultation with Nursing Home Injury Lawyer Kenneth LaBore call him directly at 612-743-9048 or toll free at 1-888-452-6589.  Mr. LaBore can also be reached by email at KLaBore@MNnursinghomeneglect.com.   There is no fee unless there is a verdict or settlement with wrongdoer.


Nursing Home Injury Lawyer