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DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY. Minnesota Lawyer, Kenneth LaBore Elder Abuse Neglect Attorney has a long history advocating on behalf of the vulnerable and elderly holding corporations and other organizations accountable when they fail to provide proper care for residents of nursing homes and other types of senior housing with services. We have successfully handled hundreds of preventable wrongful death and serious injury malpractice cases.

Attorney Kenneth LaBore has nearly thirty-years experience and knows how to investigate and prosecute complex elder health claims and other serious injury and wrongful death claims to get the maximum recovery for injuries and damages caused to a person by the wrongful act or omission of any person or corporation. The wrongful death law now allows for recovery for pain and suffering and emotional distress and the survivability of personal injury damages even after death from an unrelated cause. 

Nursing home and elder abuse and neglect cases can be very difficult they are usually considered medical malpractice as well as potentially common negligence or wrongful death. Elder abuse cases require expert testimony on the issues of how the injury occurred and the ultimate cause of the resulting injuries. Ken LaBore is an experienced tenacious attorney who works with nursing and medical experts and other legal professionals to bring elder and abuse claims for residents of care facilities and home care environment throughout the state of Minnesota.

Kenneth LaBore

Elder Abuse Attorney Suzanne Scheller, Esq.

Ken proudly works with co-counsel Suzanne Scheller, Esq. from Scheller Legal Solutions, LLC on his elder abuse cases.  Ms. Scheller is an experienced litigator and zealous elder advocate. Ms. Scheller has been instrumental in the creation of the elder advocacy elder voice, has worked tirelessly to amend the law for survival of pain and suffering claims, the rights of those under guardianship, increased penalties for neglect, creation of the assisted living legislation. She also teaches on elder issues to attorneys and law students.

In addition to her vast experience handling hundreds of medical malpractice elder neglect and abuse cases she very knowledgeable about Medicare, Medicaid, Medical Assistance, and other issues related to these claims.  Her diligence and efforts have advanced many issues for vulnerable adults their family and caregivers.

Answer: We only charge fees and the related costs of recovery when our client receives a verdict or settlement in their favor.

Answer: Depending on the type of facility and care they are providing to residents. According to Minn. Stat. § 145.682 a "health care provider" includes all persons or entities providing health care, such as hospitals and nursing homes.

Answer: There has historically not always been a claim for “pain and suffering” for the victim of neglect where the injuries result in their death. It was not until 2023 when Minn. Stat. § 573.02 was amended to add the claim “the recovery in the action is the amount the jury deems fair and just for all damages suffered by the decedent resulting from the injury prior to the decedent's death”, which includes pain and suffering.

Answer: The Minnesota Department of Health maintains a site to search for Health Care Provider Complaints. The site includes information about the complaints if they were substantiated as well as what measures were taken to improve the facility afterwards.

Answer: There is a Minnesota Adult Abuse Reporting Hotline Center (MAARC), which intakes elder abuse and neglect concerns and is answered 24 hours a day at 1-844-880-1574.

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