Nursing Home Attorney Kenneth LaBore
Minnesota Nursing Home & Assisted Living Abuse Attorney Kenneth LaBore

        Experienced Elder Abuse Attorney

Kenneth LaBore is a Minnesota Attorney who practices in the areas of nursing home elder negligence and abuse.  Mr. LaBore has a long history advocating on behalf of the vulnerable and elderly holding corporations and other organizations accountable when they fail to provide proper care for residents of nursing homes and other types of senior housing with services.

Attorney Kenneth LaBore has over twenty-five years experience  and knows how to investigate and prosecute complex elder health claims which often involve the use of state and federal regulations, involvement with the criminal law system for perpetrators, use of wrongful death and trustee statutes, issues with Medicare reimbursement and Medicaid eligibility and other issues unique to these type of lawsuits and claims.

Kenneth LaBore is a member and past Board of Governor for the Minnesota Association for Justice, MAJ.  He is also a member of the Nursing Home Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice, AAJ.

Mr. LaBore has served for many years as a Board Member of Governing Council of the Minnesota State Bar Association (MSBA) Elder Law Section, as well as a founder and co-chairman of the section’s Vulnerable Adults Committee. Ken has also served on Minnesota’s State Home Care Regulatory Group, and Vulnerable Adult Justice Project where he participated in the Vulnerable Adult Act Legislative, Criminal, Jurisdiction, Financial Exploitation and other subcommittees. He is also a supporter and member of the Minnesota Elder Justice Center.  Ken is actively involved in advocacy organizations and offers advice and resources for seniors and caregivers related to Nursing Home and Assisted Living Facilities, and other care facilities.

Nursing home and elder abuse cases can be very difficult they are usually considered medical malpractice as well as potentially common negligence or wrongful death. Elder abuse cases require expert testimony on the issues of how the injury occurred and the ultimate cause of the resulting injuries. Ken LaBore is an experienced hard working attorney who works with nursing and medical experts and other legal professionals to bring elder and abuse claims for residents of care facilities and home care environment throughout the state of Minnesota.

Ken works with co-counsel Suzanne Scheller, Esq. from Scheller Legal Solutions, LLC on his elder abuse cases.  Ms. Scheller is an experienced litigator and elder advocate.

For a FREE CONSULTATION with no commitment to retain any legal service, then a fee is only charged contingent on a recovery from the wrongdoer, call:

Kenneth Lee LaBore, Esq.
5001 Chowen Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55410
612-743-9048: Phone
1-888-452-6589: Toll Free Direct Number to Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore
Email: KLaBore@mnnursinghomeneglect.com


“Compassionate advocate for the elderly”
“Ken worked diligently with understanding and compassion with our grieving family after the wrongful death of our Mother. His heart is in the right place and he always listened to our concerns as he aggressively attacked the nursing home whose negligence took the life of our Mother. Because of his proactive work he forced the nursing home to make changes to protect other elderly residents, and for that we feel our Mother did not die in vain. He is not your typical attorney and we highly recommend him“. Client

“Thank you so much, Ken (and Suzy)…. I appreciate you both so much you have done and continue to do for every single resident in our system who depends on people like you to look out for their safety and well-being.  Don’t ever stop!  I applaud your good work”.  Client

“You helped us along the way by explaining what to expect and by answering all the many questions we had.  I really believe the hard work you did with our Mom’s case including the policy changes could prevent this tragedy from happening to another person in the future.  Thank you again and please keep doing the wonderful work you are doing for the elderly and their families. We truly appreciate all you did for our family”. Client

For other testimonials see: CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

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