Whittier Place Sexual Abuse
Whittier Place Sexual Abuse

Staff Member – Sexual Assault of Resident at Whittier Place

In a report from the MDH it is alleged that Whittier Place sexual assault occur between resident and staff member. The alleged perpetrator (AP), a facility staff, abused a resident when the AP had sex with the resident on several occasions.

MDH Substantiated Sexual Abuse

The resident lived in an assisted living facility with diagnoses including autism, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. The resident’s service plan included assistance with medication administration, mental health management of anxiety, agitation, and self-injurious behaviors. The resident’s individual abuse prevention plan indicated the resident was susceptible to sexual abuse.

During an interview, a staff stated she and several co-workers had concerns about the interactions between the AP and the resident. The staff stated she observed them playing, joking, and laughing in a manner that lacked a professional tone. The staff stated she spoke with the resident, who told her the resident and AP had a physical relationship, had spent a night together in a hotel, as well as in the facility. The staff reported the information to the manager.

A review of the messages between the AP and the resident confirmed sexual contact, and that AP created a story to “lie our way out of this”.

The Minnesota Department of Health stated “in conclusion, abuse is substantiated”.

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Whittier Place Sexual Assault