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The Sanctuary at St Cloud – Resident Taken to Hospital After Superglue Placed into Eyes in Error

Resident Administered Super Glue Instead of Eye Drops

According to a report from the Minnesota Department of Health, the alleged perpetrator (AP), a facility staff at The Sanctuary at St Cloud, neglected a resident when the AP administered superglue into both of the resident’s eyes instead of eye drops. The resident required treatment at a hospital.

Super Glue to Resident’s Eyes

The Minnesota Department of Health determined neglect was substantiated. The facility was responsible for the maltreatment. The facility was aware the AP required additional training regarding medication administration and proper identification of medication labels. However, facility staff failed to ensure the Ap was trained and competent to administer medications. The AP was scheduled independently to administer medications and dispensed superglue into the resident’s eyes instead of eye drops.

The Sanctuary at St Cloud Staff Error

During an interview, the resident stated the morning of the incident was the first time the AP gave her medications and eye drops without another staff person present and the resident told the AP to slow down. The resident stated after the superglue was put in the resident’s eyes they were glued shut. The resident preferred the AP no longer provide care for the resident and stated she felt safe living at the facility.

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