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Redeemer Residence Sexual Abuse
Redeemer Residence Sexual Abuse Report

MDH Report of Redeemer Residence Sexual Abuse

Redeemer Residence sexual abuse allegations. In a report from the MDH, the alleged perpetrator (AP) sexually abused Resident #1 and Resident #2 when the AP fondled their breasts; made Resident #1 hold his genitals in her hands; and kissed Resident #2 on the cheek. Both Resident #1 and Resident #2 verbalized fear of the AP.

Two Residents Abused

Investigative findings and conclusion. Sexual abuse was substantiated. The alleged perpetrator (AP) was responsible for the maltreatment. Resident #1 and Resident #2 provided consistent recollections of the sexual abuse, both Resident #1 and Resident #2 were cognitively capable of remembering the sexual incident(s), and the AP’s job history included past allegations of fondling female residents.

The Employee Had History of Abuse Allegations

During an interview, the AP denied the allegation of sexual abuse of Resident #1 and Resident #2. The AP said Resident #1 did not share with him she had issues or concerns with the AP. The AP also denied awareness of and the allegation of sexual abuse with Resident #2. The AP stated that he had no prior complaints from the facility or from residents regarding the care he provided.

Review of a federal data base that tracks previous allegations of maltreatment of vulnerable adults indicated the AP had worked for the facility for approximately five years. The AP had three additional previous allegations of touching/fondling, and sexual abuse towards other residents at the facility.

In conclusion, abuse was substantiated by the Minnesota Department of Health.

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