Lino Lakes Assisted Living Wound Care
Lino Lakes Assisted Living Wound Care

Issues with Resident’s Wounds Worsening

It is alleged that Lino Lakes Assisted Living wound care was not appropriate. MDH alleges the facility neglected a resident when they failed to monitor and assess the resident’s wounds. The resident developed sepsis and was hospitalized.

Neglect Substantiated

The Minnesota Department of Health determined neglect was substantiated. The facility was responsible for maltreatment. The resident had multiple wounds and the facility failed to assess, monitor, and provide necessary care to promote healing and/or prevent worsening of the resident’s wounds. The resident’s wounds worsened resulting in exposed bone and tendon between third and fourth toes.

The resident’s medical record indicated the resident was sent to the emergency room, received antibiotics, and was discharged to a skilled nursing facility for a higher level of care.

The resident’s facility medical record contained no nursing assessment, interventions or monitoring of the resident’s wound.

During and interview with the MDH a facility nurse stated the resident had previous orders for an antibiotic and an X-ray of his foot that were not implemented timely. The nurse stated the orders were faxed to the pharmacy and the X-ray company, but nursing staff did not follow up to ensure the orders were received and / or implemented. The nurse indicated the orders were not entered into the resident’s medical record. The nurse stated she does not have time to complete wound rounds or assessments due to a nursing staff shortage at the facility.

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Lino Lakes Assisted Living Wound Care
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