Heritage of Edina Fall with Head Injury
Heritage of Edina Fall with Head Injury

In a report from the Minnesota Department of Health a resident at Heritage of Edina fall incident leads to death of resident 2 days later. The resident was found lying on the ground in the patio located next to his apartment. The resident was admitted to the hospital and passed away two days later due to head injury.

Head Injury After Fall at Heritage of Edina

The report continues that Heritage of Edina was responsible for maltreatment. While the AP (alleged perpetrator) did not provide safety checks the time the resident left the building and fell outside is unknown and the impact of the missed safety checks cannot be determined. Additionally, the facility to ensure its fire exit door from the secured building would alarm and alert staff members if a resident left the building. When the next shift found the resident outside with a head injury from a fall, he was sent to the hospital where he died 2 days later.

Safety Checks of Resident Not Performed

During an interview, the director stated the resident was found outside the facility in the garden area. Although the hallway, had a camera, it was dark, and the resident was not recorded leaving the building. It was unknown how long the resident had been outside. While the resident had a functional wander guard, it did not work on the malfunctioning fire exit door, so the maintenance team had since changed the battery. The director did not know when the fire door had been last checked prior to this incident. She stated the resident was on hourly safety checks, but the caregiver assigned to him this shift said he did not know he was responsible for him. She said unlicensed caregivers are provided two books to review with the necessary cares and the caregiver may not have reviewed his assignment for the shift.

The MDH determined that neglect was substantiated.

Minnesota Now Offers Victims of Wrongful Death More Accountability

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Heritage of Edina Fall Died 2 Days Later