Overdosed Resident Lack of Supervision at Empathy Home Care, Inc.
Overdosed Resident Lack of Supervision at Empathy Care Home, Inc.

Fentanyl Death at Empathy Care Home

In a report from the MDH, it is alleged that Empathy Care Home neglected the resident when they failed to provide the resident with adequate supervision and services when the resident had two drug overdoses within five days. The resident overdosed on Fentanyl (narcotic medication) twice within five days. The second overdose caused the resident’s death.

Resident Overdosed Twice in Five Days

Neglect was substantiated by the state. The facility and the alleged perpetrator (AP) were responsible for the maltreatment. The facility failed to ensure adequate supervision was implemented after the resident’s first overdose. The resident’s care plan indicated she required safety checks every two hours after the first overdose incident. The AP, a registered nurse, failed to update the resident’s service plan and implement safety check interventions. The facility lacked documentation of writted direction how to complete safety checks. The resident’s record indicated that staff were to notify the AP when they suspected drug use, any behaviors or isolation, yet the facility staff allowed the resident to come and go a few days after her first overdose.

Staff witnessed the resident interacting with two different unknown vehicles outside of the facility. The day she died; the resident isolated in her room for hours with no one entering her room to check to see if she was okay. After ten hours without a response from the resident, staff forced the resident’s door open and found the resident deceased.

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Lack of Supervision at Empathy Care Home
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