Diamond Willow Fall Injury
Diamond Willow Fall Injury

Death After Fall at Diamond Willow

In a report from the MDH, it was alleged that a Diamond Willow resident was neglected when they did not prevent falls.

The Minnesota Department of Health determined neglect was substantiated. The facility was responsible for the maltreatment. The resident had multiple falls with injury and the facility failed to investigate the cause, reassess the resident and implement new fall interventions after each fall. In addition, during the investigation, it was determined the resident eloped from the facility and the event was not documented. The facility failed to investigate the incident, assess the resident, and implement elopement interventions. After the resident’s fourth documented fall, the resident died three weeks later due to falls, rib fractures and dementia….

The resident’s death record indicated the cause of death was rib fractures and falls. The secondary cause was Lewy body’s dementia and hypertension.

The facility policy regarding falls indicated with each fall, the staff will complete an incident report, the nurse will conduct a post fall analysis, conduct an assessment and implement new interventions to prevent reoccurrence….

During an interview with a nurse, she stated [to the MDH], she started the month prior to the resident passing away. The nurse stated she identified many training needs.

In conclusion, the Minnesota Department of Health determined neglect was substantiated.

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Diamond Willow Resident Death
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