Bridgewater at Owatonna cited after Wound Care Concerns
Bridgewater at Owatonna cited after Wound Care Concerns

Bridgewater at Owatonna Care Wound Care Concerns

In a report from the MDH, Bridgewater at Owatonna it is alleged that the licensee failed to ensure that services on the service plan were documented, implemented, and met the resident’s needs.

Coccyx Wound at Owatonna Facility Continued to Worsen

Neglect was substantiated by the state of Minnesota. The facility was responsible for the maltreatment. The resident had a coccyx wound which increased in size and severity over the course of approximately two weeks, and during the same time frame, the resident developed a moderate-to-severe case of COVID-19. The facility failed to implement new interventions to address the growing wound or the resident’s illness. According to the MDH report, documentation indicated the resident was offered, and often would not accept, toileting assistance; however, facility staff members did not reapproach and did not encourage the resident to use the restroom or change incontinent products. Due to the rapid wound development, the resident was hospitalized for two weeks, then sent to a transitional care unit (TCU0 for four weeks.

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Worrisome Wounds Bridgewater at Owatonna
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