Minnesota and CMS Medicare Medicaid Nursing Home Survey Process
Minnesota and CMS Medicare Medicaid Nursing Home Survey Process

Minnesota Nursing Home Survey Information

According to CMS Medicare.gov, the inspection results are recorded in a form called (HCFA-2567) where deficiencies in the quality of care in the nursing home are recorded.  The inspections assess whether facilities are meeting “minimum” standards at the time of the survey. To be part of the Medicare and Medicaid programs, nursing homes must meet certain requirements set by Congress. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has entered into an agreement with state governments to do health and fire safety inspections of these nursing homes and investigate complaints about nursing home care.

Minnesota Nursing and Boarding Care Home Survey Inspection Findings

Pursuant to Minnesota Statute 144A.10, Subd. 2. Inspections. The commissioner of health shall inspect each nursing home to ensure compliance with sections 144A.01 to 144A.155 and the rules promulgated to implement them. The inspection shall be a full inspection of the nursing home. If upon a reinspection provided for in subdivision 5 the representative of the commissioner of health finds one or more uncorrected violations, a second inspection of the facility shall be conducted. The second inspection need not be a full inspection. No prior notice shall be given of an inspection conducted pursuant to this subdivision. Any employee of the commissioner of health who willfully gives or causes to be given any advance notice of an inspection required or authorized by this subdivision shall be subject to suspension or dismissal in accordance with chapter 43A. An inspection required by a federal rule or statute may be conducted in conjunction with or subsequent to any other inspection. Any inspection required by this subdivision may be in addition to or in conjunction with the reinspections required by subdivision 5. Nothing in this subdivision shall be construed to prohibit the commissioner of health from making more than one unannounced inspection of any nursing home during its license year. The commissioner of health shall coordinate inspections of nursing homes with inspections by other state and local agencies consistent with the requirements of this section and the Medicare and Medicaid certification programs.

The commissioner shall conduct inspections and reinspections of health facilities with a frequency and in a manner calculated to produce the greatest benefit to residents within the limits of the resources available to the commissioner. In performing this function, the commissioner may devote proportionately more resources to the inspection of those facilities in which conditions present the most serious concerns with respect to resident health, treatment, comfort, safety, and well-being.

These conditions include but are not limited to: change in ownership; frequent change in administration in excess of normal turnover rates; complaints about care, safety, or rights; where previous inspections or reinspections have resulted in correction orders related to care, safety, or rights; and, where persons involved in ownership or administration of the facility have been indicted for alleged criminal activity. Any facility that has none of the above conditions or any other condition established by the commissioner that poses a risk to resident care, safety, or rights shall be inspected once every two years.

You can search the Minnesota Department of Health website for Medicare & Medicaid nursing home survey results for information on inspection findings pertaining to federal and state health and safety regulations.

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, Health Regulation Division, under a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), is responsible for ensuring that facilities accepting Medicare and Medicaid payment for services provided to program beneficiaries meet federal regulations and certification rules.

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Nursing Home Survey Process
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