Resident at Sholom Home West Suffers Fractured Neck and Head Injury after Fall Incident

MDH Cites Sholom Home West Resident Breaks Neck in Fall

In a report from the Minnesota Department of Health it is alleged that a client at Sholom Home West when facility staff failed to provide adequate supervision that resulted in resident falling out of wheelchair, resulting in laceration to forehead and non-displaced cervical fracture.

Failure to Supervise a Resident at Sholom Home West Results in Fractured Cervical Spine – Neck of Resident

Neglect was substantiated. Neglect occurred when staff left the resident unattended and she fell with lacerations requiring sutures.

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A common form of neglect in elder care facilities involves a lack of monitoring and supervision of residents which can result in many types of neglect and injuries, including pressure sores, infections, falls, fractures and more. Most forms of elder abuse are preventable with proper care and supervision.

In my experience the most neglect and the resulting injuries to residents in nursing homes is preventable. Injuries from falls are common and can be very serious. It is essential that staff is trained to assess fall risks, prevent falls through the use of interventions and supervision. The organization Minnesota Falls Prevention has information and resources on how to avoid falls.

According to the organization Minnesota Falls Prevention, falls are the leading cause of injury for children and for adults 35-years and older. Falls and fall-related injuries among adults over age 65 are on the rise. Currently Minnesota ranks fifth among states in the number of fall-related deaths. 

Report Suspected Elder Abuse

Click Here For Link To Report Abuse To Adult Protection
Click Here For Link To Report Abuse To Adult Protection

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Sholom Home West Cited with Neglect after Resident Suffers Fall
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