Neglect Due to Choking Incident
Neglect Due to Choking Incident at Seasons Apple Valley Minnesota

Seasons Apple Valley Complaint Findings for Neglect

In a report concluded on February 25, 2013, the Minnesota Department of Health cites Seasons Apple Valley for neglect of health care.

It is alleged neglect occurred when a client was not monitored during breakfast and experienced a choking incident causing his death.  In addition, the client’s DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order was not provided to emergency medical personnel.

Seasons Apple Valley Complaint – Facility Requested Reconsideration

Note: this facility has requested a reconsideration of the maltreatment finding, see the MDH website for most current information.

According to the Collins Dictionary of Medicine, DNR Abbrev. for do not resuscitate. An instruction to refrain from energetic measures to restore the heart beat and the breathing in those people with terminal, irreversible illness in which death is expected, who suffer cardiac arrest. This has been the unwritten rule of many doctors and was enacted in American legislation in 1988.

For more information from the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Health Facility Complaints concerning nursing homes, assisted living and other elder care providers view resolved complaints at the MDH website.

If you have concerns about choking or asphyxiation or any other form of elder abuse or neglect contact Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorney Kenneth LaBore at 612-743-9048 or toll free at 1-888-452-6589 or by email at


Seasons Apple Valley Neglect Substantiated

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