Sexual Abuse of Resident by Staff
Sexual Abuse of Resident by Staff

Resident Sexually Abused by Staff

Resident sexually abused – a severely disabled resident of a Minneapolis nursing home was sexually assaulted multiple times by an employee who would go into the resident’s room at night, according to an investigation by the state of Minnesota.

Witness accounts state that the employee was seen performing motions consistent with sexual activity at least four times while the resident was on the bed. During these incidents, the resident’s legs were exposed and the incontinence product the resident was wearing was open on the bed during the incidents. This indicated that the undergarments were open.

When the employee was caught, it is said that he quickly moved away from the resident, replaced the incontinence product, and moved the legs back onto the bed. The witness then called the night supervisor who then removed the employee from that floor of the facility. This led to a call to police and the employee was arrested and taken to jail. The charge was sexual assault, according to the state’s investigation.

The nursing home started the investigation and they are currently cooperating with authorities, according to a spokesperson with the nursing home.

The resident, whose details have not been revealed, suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, generated muscle weakness, and osteoporosis. The patient needed assistance from the nursing home staff for all of their care and transfers. The resident was not very verbal, so one-word responses to questions were normal. During the assault, the patient made no noise. After the assault, a sexual assault examination had to be done at the hospital.

Reports of sexual assault in nursing homes are something that has been happening in nursing homes and is certainly not the first in Minneapolis. Over the past four years, the abuse and neglect reports have soared in Minnesota. In 2013, the state fielded a total of 533 maltreatment reports, which was nearly double the number of reports in 2010.

It is the Minnesota Department of Health that investigates these and all reports of maltreatment in nursing facilities. In this case, the individual employee was cited for the abuse and not the nursing home. The name of the former employee was not named in the Department of Health’s report.

In January 2013, a Minnesota nursing home resident was raped in her bed after the assailant drugged her. In this case, the nursing home withheld information from the Department of Health investigators and even suggested that the patient had consented to the sex. The state conducted their investigation and found that the caregiver working for the facility was responsible, not the facility itself.

Minneapolis Nursing Home Resident Sexually Abused by Staff
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