Neglect of Supervision
Neglect of Supervision at REM Hennepin Lyndale Minneapolis Minnesota

REM Hennepin Lyndale Minneapolis Complaint Findings for Neglect of Supervision

In a report concluded on April 30, 2012, the Minnesota Department of Health cites REM Hennepin Lyndale Minneapolis for neglect of supervision.

The allegation is neglect based on the following:  Client #1 was not adequately supervised and was allowed to go outside the facility with a visitor.  Client #1 engaged in sexual activity with the visitor.

REM Hennepin Lyndale Minneapolis Substantiated Complaint

According to the National Institute of Justice article, sexual abuse is one of the most understudied aspects of elder mistreatment. An NIJ-sponsored study that examined elder sexual abuse found that:

•Elderly sexual assault victims were not routinely evaluated to assess the psychological effects of an assault.
•The older the victim, the less likelihood that the offender would be convicted of sexual abuse.
•Perpetrators were more likely to be charged with a crime if victims exhibited signs of physical trauma.
•Victims in assisted living situations faced a lower likelihood than those living independently that charges would be brought and the assailant found guilty.

For more information from the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Health Facility Complaints concerning nursing homes, assisted living and other elder care providers view resolved complaints at the MDH website.

If you have concerns about negligent supervision or any other form of elder abuse or neglect contact Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorney Kenneth LaBore toll free at 612-743-9048 or toll free at 1-888-452-6589 or by email at


REM Hennepin Lyndale Minneapolis Neglect Substantiated

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