Recent MDH Substantiated Neglect at Regina Senior Living after neglect of health care.

Neglect Falls Head Injury
Neglect Falls Head Injury, Regina Senior Living Hastings Substantiated Complaint Neglect After Falls Lead to Brain Injury at Regina Senior Living Hastings Minnesota

Regina Senior Living Hastings Complaint Findings for Neglect Falls, Brain Injury

In a report concluded on November 18, 2014, the Minnesota Department of Health cites Regina Senior Living Hastings for Neglect – Falls

It is alleged that a resident was neglected when an employee, the Alleged Perpetrator (AP), did not follow the resident’s care plan and left the resident alone in the bathroom.  The resident fell and sustained a traumatic brain injury.

Substantiated Complaint After Resident Fall at Regina Senior Living Hastings.

The preponderance of evidence established that neglect occurred when the AP left the resident unattended on the toilet, contrary to the resident’s care plan.  The resident fell off the toilet, struck his/her head during the fall, and sustained a head injury.  The resident died ten days later.

At the time of the facility admission, the resident was assessed to be a high risk for falls due to the resident’s history of disequilibrium, weakness, falls at home, and falls in the facility from attempts to independently transfer him/herself.  The resident’s care plan indicated that s/he needed extensive assistance from one staff for all needs such as transferring, dressing, toileting, hygiene, and assistance in the wheelchair.  The resident’s bed and wheelchair were equipped with personal alarms to alert staff if s/he attempted movement without staff assistance.  The care plan indicated that staff were to provide “contact guard assistance” and remain with an arm’s reach of the resident when alarms were disengaged during provision of care.

One morning when the AP was providing personal care to the resident, the AP assisted the resident on to the toilet in the resident’s bathroom.  The AP then left the resident’s bathroom and placed the bathroom door ajar to give the resident privacy.  The AP went approximately seven feet away from the bathroom to the resident’s counter to obtain the resident’s clothing.  The resident’s counter is around the corner from the bathroom.  The AP could not view the resident from the location of the counter and could not maintain physical contact with the resident.  The AP then continued to leave the resident unattended in the bathroom and stood outside the resident’s bathroom door for approximately 5-6 minutes, while the resident used the toilet.  The AP was not within arm’s reach of the resident for a period of 5-6 minutes.  The AP then heard a “crash” and opened the bathroom door.  The resident had fallen from the toilet to the bathroom floor.  The AP observed that the resident’s head was leaning against the bathroom wall next to the toilet.  Nursing assessment revealed that the resident had a bump on the back of his/her head, was unresponsive to questions, had unequal pupil sizes, flaccid muscle tone, and elevated blood pressure 200/100.   Two nurses lifted the resident onto a gurney and rushed the resident to the hospital, which is attached to the facility.  Hospital staff determined the resident had sustained a head injury secondary to the fall.  After being hospitalized for five days, the resident returned to the facility on comfort care.  The resident died five days later.  The death certificate indicated the resident’s immediate cause of death was complications from a blunt force craniocerebral injury (head injury) due to a fall.

For more information from the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Health Facility Complaints concerning nursing homes, assisted living and other elder care providers view resolved complaints at the MDH website.

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Regina Senior Living Hastings Neglect Substantiated

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