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Death After Transfer from Mental Health Facility

A Minneapolis woman’s brother is the third patient to die after a transfer from a mental health facility to a nursing home.

The mental health facility that the man was transferred from was closed down in June.

The man died at the nursing home after living there for less than two months, according to his family. Before his two month stay, he had been in the mental health facility for nine years. He was a resident of one of the facility’s special programs for elderly residents with severe mental illness.

The man, who was schizophrenic, was also confined to a wheelchair and was one of 10 former patients that had to be transferred to a nursing facility.

It was found that out that eight of the patients that were transferred to nursing homes were transferred to homes that were on the federal registry as “much below average” or “below average” in overall quality scores. Now, three of the patients are dead after their transfers.

The man’s sister said her brother had lost a significant amount of weight and became withdrawn after being moved to the nursing home. The employees said they tried to help him, but the facility didn’t have the resources or the expertise to handle such a complicated case. This caused the patient to be placed in a situation where Minnesota Nursing Home Wrongful Death Attorney was going to be inevitable.

The man’s legal guardian was one of his brothers. He said the transfer was the result of the state shutting down the mental hospital. When he questioned where his brother was being moved, he was told by officials that the home they were transferring his brother to was the only one that would accept the patient. The home had taken a total of five patients from the mental hospital, which was more patients than any other nursing home that had accepted patients. Two of the five in that home have died and one of the surviving patients is being transferred to a nursing home that has a higher rating.

Closed Mental Health Facility

A total of two mental hospitals were shut down due to outdated facilities and the fact that funding didn’t allow the facilities to provide the proper care. The closures were very controversial, especially since that meant the patients were going to be displaced.

The sister from Minneapolis said she had visited her brother at the nursing home and was surprised at how weak and thin he had become. He was also unable to speak. Instead, he was in pain and not able to speak.

After developing an irregular heartbeat, the man was taken to a nearby hospital, but was sent back to the nursing home with the recommendation that he be put under hospice care. The care wasn’t in place for another week. His death occurred a day or two after his care began.

Some family members believe that his deterioration was because he was not surrounded by familiar staff members who knew how to get him to eat. Nonetheless, his sister feels that his days were numbered anyway, but that he would still be alive if he had received the care that he needed. He would still be going downhill, but she said his care was not gentle enough and that he went through a very traumatic end.

Minneapolis Resident’s Brother Third Patient Death after Transfer From a Mental Health Facility
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