Minnesota Medicare and Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

Medicare Medicaid Billing Fraud or Misrepresentation

Medicare Medicaid Billing Fraud or Misrepresentation

False Billing to Medicare and Medicaid Fraud in Nursing Homes

Fraud can occur in a number of different ways. In many instances, the nursing home staff will not provide the documentation needed to Medicaid or Medicare. In other instances, the nursing home make false claims to Medicare or Medicare on your behalf in attempt to bolster profits from the facility. It is Medicare and Medicaid Fraud medical if a nursing home bills for unnecessary or never performed services for the residents.   If you suspect that services billed to Medicaid and Medicare is not being provided, then it may be fraud or false billing contact an experienced nursing home fraud lawyer to assist you investigate the matter and hold the facility or other perpetrator accountable.

What is Medicare and Medicaid Fraud?

The rules and regulations surrounding healthcare fraud are complex, we can assist you in ensuring the care is provided as needed and that the facility is held accountable for any attempts to defraud the state or federal government. There is both a state and federal False Claims Act, create a cause of action against facilities that participate in Medicare and Medicare Fraud. This type of claim is often called a “Qui tam” claim and the “whistleblower” may be entitled to compensation for original source information which substantiates fraud sufficient to receive the support of the Minnesota Attorney General’s office or the federal Department of Justice.

A nursing home billing for care they are not providing or substandard care may be participating in Medicare and Medicaid fraud for failing to use the financial resources of the vulnerable adult to provide food, clothing, shelter, health care, therapeutic conduct or supervision for the vulnerable adult, and the failure results or is likely to result in detriment to the vulnerable adult.

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