Financial Exploitation Theft of Resident Funds at Maplewood Court
Financial Exploitation Theft of Resident Funds at Maplewood Court

Maplewood Court in Fulda Allegation of Theft from Resident’s Safe

In a report from the Minnesota Department of Health dated November 18, 2016, it is alleged that Maplewood Court Assisted Living in Fulda Minnesota financially exploited a client when the alleged perpetrator (AP) took the client’s money.

Substantiated Theft Allegations Against Maplewood Court

Based on a preponderance of evidence, financial exploitation occurred when the alleged perpetrator (AP) took money from the client.

The client received comprehensive home care services from the licensee according to a service agreement and care plan.

Interviews were conducted with staff.  The family had notified the provider they had video evidence of a staff member taking money out of the client’s safe.

An interview with family revealed they had opened the staff in the client’s closet about six weeks prior to the incident.  The safe remained unlocked thereafter.  The client notified family five days later and said s/he was missing $700 in $100 bills from his/her safe.  The family installed a hidden surveillance camera in the client’s closet one month later, pointed it towards the safe, placed $25 in an envelope, and placed the envelope into the safe.  The client went into the hospital about two weeks later, so the family decided to check the safe in the client’s closet and discovered the $25 was missing.  The family reviewed the video footage and observed the AP on the video remove the envelope containing the $25 for the safe, place the envelope in his/her pocket, and leave the room.

The facility called to police to report the theft of money from the client.  The police report showed that the police reviewed on the video footage confirming the AP removed the envelope containing the $25 from the safe.  The AP was prosecuted and pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.

The AP was interviewed and admitted s/he took the envelope from the client’s safe as seen in the video.

For more information from the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Health Facility Complaints concerning nursing homes, assisted living and other elder care providers view resolved complaints at the MDH website.

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Maplewood Court Cited After Theft From Resident

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