Lino Lakes Assisted Living Wound Monitoring
Lino Lakes Assisted Living Wound Monitoring

Failure to Monitor Wound at Assisted Living Facility

According to the MDH, Lino Lakes Assisted Living wound monitoring substantiated complaint, it was alleged that the facility failed to complete wound monitoring and assessments. The resident’s wound became infected, and the resident became septic (a life-threatening medical emergency related to an extreme response to an infection).

Failure to Oversee Wound Management Services

The Minnesota Department of Health determined neglect was substantiated. The facility was responsible for the maltreatment. The facility failed to ensure appropriate monitoring and oversight for the resident’s wound care. Although the facility refers wound care management to external home care agencies, the facility did not oversee wound management services to ensure the resident’s wound care was being managed. Eventually, the resident required hospitalization, antibiotics, and surgical intervention.

The MDH report continues that during the interview, the registered nurse (RN) stated she was not aware the resident had an order for wound care, but there has to be some home care documentation on it being done.

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Lino Lakes Assisted Living Wound Monitoring
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