MDH Cites Hometown Senior Living after Resident Falls with Fracture

Fall at Hometown Senior Living Leads to Fractured Hip
Fall at Hometown Senior Living Leads to Fractured Hip

In a report from the Minnesota Department of Health it is alleged that a client at Hometown Senior Living the alleged perpetrator (AP) neglected the client, when the AP failed to assess the client after a fall and neglected to contact the on-call staff per policy. The client had a fractured hip.

Failure to Supervise Results in Broken Hip

Neglect was substantiated. The facility was responsible for the maltreatment. The facility did not directly make available a registered nurse to assess the client’s care and services needed after a fall. The facility implemented a policy that directed unlicensed personnel to contact an on-call manager (who was also unlicensed) for all after hour incident, the unlicensed staff called the on-call manager, who did not contact a nurse. The client laid awake all night with pain, and a nurse did not assess the client until 8 hours later.

The client moved into the facility due to diagnoses that included dementia. The client received services that included assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, eating, transfers, wellness checks, and orientation due to moderate confusion. The client had difficulty answering questions, communicating discomfort, and intermittent confusion.

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A common form of neglect in elder care facilities involves fall injuries and fractures. Most forms of elder abuse are preventable with proper care and supervision.

Report Suspected Elder Abuse

Click Here For Link To Report Abuse To Adult Protection
Click Here For Link To Report Abuse To Adult Protection

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Hometown Senior Living Resident Suffers Fractured Hip
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