I saw an excellent video today on preventing falls in nursing homes.

I know from my own experience as an attorney that handles nursing home abuse and neglect cases, that many types of abuse and neglect, including falls can be greatly reduced by regular assessments and notice to a physician and family with any change in condition and through the use of additional safety interventions. The most common forms of neglect besides falls in nursing homes include: failure to provide proper nutrition and hydration, urinary tract infections, infectious disease, medication errors, failure to assist and supervise and others which also may lead to the increased risk of an elderly person sustaining serious injury or death from falls. Often if the fall does not cause the death directly it will lead to death from complications such as pressure ulcers / septic infections and pneumonia.

The attached videos give advice on how to avoid fall injuries

This website is not intended to provide legal advice as each situation is different and specific factual information must be obtained before an attorney is able to assess the legal questions relevant to your situation.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury including falls in nursing homes, other care facility that serves the elderly in Minnesota please contact our firm for a free consultation and information regarding the obligations of the facility and your rights as a resident or concerned family member. To contact Attorney Kenneth L. LaBore, directly please send an email to klabore@MNnursinghomeneglect.com or call Ken at 612-743-9048.

Excellent Video on Prevention of Falls in Nursing Homes, Part 1

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