Reporting Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

According to Minnesota Statute 626.5772, Subd. 2, “abuse” can include many things, including: an act against a vulnerable adult that constitutes a violation of, an attempt to violate, or aiding and abetting a violation of an assault, the use of drugs to injure or facilitate crime

Chris Jensen Health and Rehab Center on CMS Special Focus Facility List Due to High Number of Deficiencies in Quality of Care

Results from a survey dated May 12, 2016, indicated that Chris Jensen Health and Rehabilitation Center in Duluth Minnesota had deficiencies which were severe enough to place them on dubious list of special focus facility list of nursing homes with high numbers of serious deficiencies.

Failure to Provide CRP to Nursing Home Resident

Facility and Provider Compliance – Failure to Provide CPR to Nursing Home Resident Failure to provide CPR to nursing home resident.  As an attorney who handles nursing home abuse and neglect cases in Minnesota, I can attest that many cases