Patient and Resident Rights Elder Care Facilities
Patient and Resident Rights Elder Care Facilities, Centennial House Apple Valley

Centennial House Apple Valley Complaint Findings for Resident Rights

In a report concluded on August 23, 2013, the Minnesota Department of Health cites Centennial House Apple Valley for patient rights.

It is alleged that state licensing statutes/rules were not followed when clients on the east wing of the residence were left with no staff available to assist them when the staff on duty was observed by police officers to be sleeping and later noted to have a high intoxication level.  A client called 911 when she could not find staff to assist her.

Substantiated Violation of Resident Rights Against Centennial House Apple Valley

The allegation that licensing statutes were not followed is substantiated.  A violation was issued related to the right of clients to be served by people who are trained and competent to perform their duties.

A client called 911 for assistance and a police officer responded to the call.  When the officers were at the building, they noticed an employee sleeping on the couch of the main lobby and awoke the employee to assist the non-English speaking client.  However, one officer was in the parking lot and saw the employee that was sleeping on the couch outside having a cigarette.  The officer approached the employee and the employee submitted to a breath test, was found to be intoxicated and had admitted to taking pain medication.  The paramedics were called and transported the employee to the hospital.

For more information from the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Health Facility Complaints concerning nursing homes, assisted living and other elder care providers view resolved complaints at the MDH website.

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Centennial House Apple Valley Violation Substantiated
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