Help Selecting a Nursing Home in Minnesota

Choosing a nursing home for yourself or a loved one can be challenging. This Nursing Home Report Card gives information to help you make your choice. You should also consider other sources of information, visit the nursing homes being considered, and discuss your choices with family members and staff members of the facility.

This report card shows how Minnesota nursing homes scored in seven quality measures. Each nursing home is scored from 1 (lowest) through 5 (highest) on each of the seven measures. For additional information about the report card go to the nursing home report card fact sheet.

Right to Access Medical Records

Right to Access Medical Records – nursing home residents and their legal representatives.  A Minnesota nursing home facility has the duty to have timely and complete records produced reflecting the Care Plan and actual treatment provided to the resident the nursing home resident or their legal representative has the right to access and copy the medical records, diagnostic tests and other documentation as it pertains to the care and treatment provided in the facility.