Recent MDH Findings of Neglect against Bethel Care Center, self abuse of resident, neglect related to ventilator.

Bethel Care Center Cited After Failure to Respond to Ventilator Alarm – Resident Died

Bethel Care Center Cited with Neglect – Failure to Intervene

In a report from the Minnesota Department of Health it was alleged that a resident a Bethel Care was neglected after facility staff found the staff unresponsive and alarms were sounding on the ventilator.

Neglect Cited Against Bethel Care Center after Resident Death

Neglect was substantiated. The facility did not intervene when the resident’s ventilator alarmed for at least 39 minutes. The resident, who was ventilator-dependent died.

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Failure to Provide Oxygen Bethel Care Center Leads to Brain Damage
Failure to Provide Oxygen
Bethel Care Center Leads to Brain Damage

Bethel Care Center Cited for Neglect By Minnesota Department of Health After Failing to Attach Resident’s Ventilator Leading to Brain Damage

In a report concluded on September 2, 2015, the Minnesota Department of Health cites Bethel Care Center alleging that a resident was neglected when the staff did not attach the resident’s ventilator during the night.  The resident suffered brain damage as a result of lack of oxygen was not expected to survive.

Based on the preponderance of the evidence, the allegation of neglect is substantiated.  Neglect occurred when the physician orders were not followed during the ventilator weaning process and the resident was removed from the ventilator two hours early.  The resident was found unresponsive around 15-20 minutes later after the ventilator was removed and died the following day.

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MDH Cites Bethel Care Center with Neglect
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