Resident Given Someone Else’s Medication at Bethany on the Lake in Alexandria Minnesota

Medication Administration Error at Bethany on the Lake

In a report from the Minnesota Department of Health it was alleged that a resident at Bethany on the Lake was neglected when the alleged perpetrator (AP) administered the incorrect medication, causing hospitalization and a change in the status for the resident.

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Resident Given Another’s Medication at Bethany on the Lake

Neglect was substantiated. The AP was responsible for the maltreatment. The AP set up the medications for a second resident, was distracted, locked the medications in the medication cart and later returned to the cart and gave the medications to the first resident without ensuring the right resident was provided with the correct medications. The AP gave the resident Coumadin, a blood thinner, 10 milligrams (mg), instead of Coumadin 2.5 mg as prescribed.

Medication Error at Bethany on the Lake

The medication error like the one discussed above is preventable with proper care and training. Most forms of elder abuse are due to a lack well trained staff.

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Click Here For Link To Report Abuse To Adult Protection
Click Here For Link To Report Abuse To Adult Protection

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Bethany on the Lake Cited with Neglect after Medication Administration Error
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