Assisted Living Falls Lawyer and Fracture Injuries
Assisted Living Falls Lawyer and Fracture Injuries

Minnesota Assisted Living Falls Lawyer

There are many types of fall injuries I have seen as a nursing home and assisted living falls lawyer.  Falls can happen when the resident is not given care they need with transfer and toileting or when they are dropped or fall from patient lift injuries, fall in their wheelchairs, or in the bathroom. Many of these falls would be preventable with proper assessment of the resident’s needs and risks and then adequate care and supervision to prevent accidents.

Falls in assisted living and other elder care situations can lead to fractures such as femur, pelvis and hip, head injuries with complications, such as subdural hematomas, and other injuries some leading to death.

Information About Assisted Living Falls

According to Minnesota Statute 144.7065, Subdivision 1., reports of adverse health care events are required.  Each facility shall report to the commissioner the occurrence of any of the adverse health care events described in subdivisions 2 to 7 as soon as is reasonably and practically possible, but no later than 15 working days after discovery of the event. The report shall be filed in a format specified by the commissioner and shall identify the facility but shall not include any identifying information for any of the health care professionals, facility employees, or patients involved. The commissioner may consult with experts and organizations familiar with patient safety when developing the format for reporting and in further defining events in order to be consistent with industry standards.

Subd. 5. Care management events.  Events reportable under this subdivision are:

(7) patient death or serious injury associated with a fall while being cared for in a facility;

Assisted Living Falls Lawyer

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Minnesota Assisted Living Falls Lawyer