Nearly 1/2 of All Alzheimer's Patients Abused
Nearly 1/2 of All Alzheimer’s Patients Abused

Nearly 1/2 of Alzheimer’s Patients Abused

Almost 50 Percent of Alzheimer’s Patients Abused – The University of California, Irvine, recently conducted a study that examined the treatment of elderly individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia. Unfortunately, the study found that nearly 50% of elderly individuals with these diseases suffered abuse at the hands of their caregivers.

This study is only one of many that have evaluated the rising incidences of elder abuse that is occurring throughout the country.

The study observed 129 elderly individuals and their caregivers. During the study, a panel met every month to go through the data and observations to make determinations about the physical abuse, psychological abuse, and neglect that the elderly individuals were going through. The result showed that 47% of the caregivers were abusing their patients in one way or another. Psychological abuse was the most common.

The researchers found that the best way to determine if a patient is being mistreated was to see how the patient behaved toward the caregiver. Mistreatment was most likely to occur when the dementia patient exhibited physical or psychological aggression toward their caregiver. Usually, the patient would sear, push, and shove their caregiver. The psychological, emotional, and physical damage that is caused to the patient is very difficult to reverse.

Why Are Alzheimer’s Patients Abused?

Studies on elder abuse like the one conducted by the university of California, Irvine, continue to discover the prevalence of the mistreatment of vulnerable individuals. The abuse is occurring in nursing home environments, as well as in at-home care situations. What is unfortunate is that family members of the patients do not recognize when their loved one is being abused due to not having much knowledge about how they should and shouldn’t be behaving with their condition.

This leads to many of these cases not being reported because the loved one cannot verbalize the abuse they are going through. If they are aware of what is happening to them, they are so distraught over their condition and the situation they are in that they feel saying something will not benefit them, such as not being believed because they did not want to be placed in care to begin with and their pleas for help could be viewed as manipulative in order to not have to be cared for.

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Almost 50 Percent of Alzheimer’s Patients Abused According to Study