Wrongful Death Transfer of Action
Wrongful Death Transfer of Action

Transfer of Actions

According to Minn. Gen. Rule of Practice 144.04 Minnesota Wrongful Death Transfer of Action. If the trustee, after appointment and qualification, commences an action for death by wrongful act in a county other than that in which the trustee was appointed, a certified copy of the petition, the order entered thereon and the oath shall be filed in the court where such action be commenced, at the time the summons and complaint are filed therein, and the court file and jurisdiction over the trust will thereupon be transferred to such court.

Common Types of Neglect Leading to Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Our firm handles cases dealing with elder neglect and abuse injuries throughout state of Minnesota. Most forms of elder abuse and neglect are preventable with proper care and supervision. Here are some of the areas of elder abuse cases which can lead to preventable death we have handled in the past.

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