Minnesota Wrongful Death Pecuniary Loss
Minnesota Wrongful Death Pecuniary Loss

What is Wrongful Death Pecuniary Loss?

In Minnesota wrongful death pecuniary loss is a legal term which means economic loss from loss of benefits received from the deceased they are measurable compensable damages.

“Loss of Advice, Counsel, and Loss of Companionship”

In Minnesota the term “pecuniary loss“ is not well defined:

Pecuniary Loss is an element of the wrongful death jury injuries (JIGs) and is not defined by statute, but through caselaw as the loss of “advice, counsel and loss of companionship.”

According to Minnesota Statutes Annotated: the statute does not define pecuniary loss. [The court has ruled in the past however], that pecuniary loss includes loss of “advice, counsel, and loss of companionship.” Jones v. Fisher, 309 N.W.2d 726, 730 (Minn.1981); see also Gravley v. Sea Gull Marine, Inc., 269 N.W.2d 896, 901 (Minn.1978) (noting that pecuniary loss includes “loss of advice, comfort, assistance, and protection”).

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