Minnesota Wrongful Death Trustee
Minnesota Wrongful Death Trustee

Minn. Gen. Rule of Practice 144.01

Minnesota Wrongful Death Trustee. According to Minn. Gen. Rule of Practice, Rule 144.01 Application for Appointment of Trustee, “every application for the appointment of a trustee of a claim for death by wrongful act under Minnesota Statutes, section 573.02, shall be made by the verified petition of the surviving spouse or one of the next of kin of the decedent. The petition shall show the dates and places of the decedent’s birth and death; the decedent’s address at the time of death; the name, age and address of the decedent’s surviving spouse, children, parents, grandparents, and siblings; and the name, age, occupation and address of the proposed trustee. The petition shall also show whether or not any previous application has been made, the facts with reference thereto and its disposition shall also be stated. The written consent of the proposed trustee to act as such shall be endorsed on or filed with such petition. The application for appointment shall not be considered filing of a document in the case for the purpose of any requirement for filing a certificate of representation or civil cover sheet.

According to the Committee Comment on this rule, “the final sentence of Rule 144.01 was added in 1992 to make it clear that it is the filing of papers in the actual wrongful death action, and not papers relating to appointment of a trustee to bring the action, that triggers the scheduling requirements of the rules, including the requirement to file a certificate of representation and parties (Rule 104) and an informational statement (Rule 111.02).”

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