Nursing Home Fall Injury Pelvic and Femur Fractures
Nursing Home Fall Injury Pelvic and Femur Fractures

Femur Fracture Due to Neglect

There is a common theme to injuries such as pelvic and femur fractures and head injuries in nursing homes and other elder care facilities.  Many of these falls are preventable if the resident was given proper care and attention and there was sufficient staff to operate transfer equipment such as patient lifts, EZ lifts, and wheelchairs.

Femur Fractures From Improper Patient Transfer

The use of patient lifts to transfer resident to and free wheelchairs, into and out of bed and on and off the toilet is a common risk for injury to vulnerable adults who are often unable to assist or protect themselves.   Many times the lifts are not operated in conformance with the policies and procedures of the facility or the resident’s care plan (such as the use of two persons for all use of hoyer lifts) or the lift is not used as instructed in the owners manual (such as using the wrong sling or not setting and locking the legs of the lift.

Femur Fracture From Wheelchair Injury

Another way that someone be injured is in their wheelchair when they are not properly secured in the wheelchair and they slip or fall out of the wheelchair.  There are seat belts on many chairs for safety other chairs such as BRODA chairs can lean back and can prevent residents from getting up and can be a fall risk if not set correctly, or if the occupant is not secured or placed in the right location.  Injuries can also occur during transfer from the wheelchair to the bed, or toilet or into another chair like a recliner.   There are also situations where chairs have been tipped over or the resident went down stairs in the wheelchair. Others were a resident was thrown from the chair from a curb or when the resident’s feet came off the foot pegs.  Another risk is when the wheels are not locked and the chair moves during a transfer resulting in a fall with injuries such as hip and femur fractures.

Femur Fracture Injury Attorney

Attorney Kenneth LaBore handles elder abuse and neglect cases throughout the state of Minnesota, including, falls and resulting injuries such as head injuries, subdural hematoma and pelvis and femur fractures.

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