Thief River Care Center Neglect Substantiated

Written By: Kenneth LaBore | Published On: 14th April 2015
Failure to Provide CPR

Failure to Provide CPR at Theif River Care Center in Thief River Falls Minnesota

Thief River Care Center Thief River Falls Complaint Findings for Neglect of Health Care

In a report concluded on May 11, 2012, the Minnesota Department of Health cites Thief River Care Center Thief River Falls for neglect of health care.

The allegation is neglect based on the following: Staff did not initiate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) when Resident #1 was found with no pulse or respirations.  Resident #1’s record indicated that CPR should be performed.

What can the Office of Health Facility Complaints Investigate?

  • Complaints relating to quality of life and quality of care at health care facilities/agencies including resident rights concerns.
  • Minnesota licensed facilities: hospitals
  • nursing homes
  • boarding care homes
  • supervised living facilities
  • assisted living and home health agencies
  • Individuals or organizations exempted from licensure per MS 144A.46, Subd. 2.
  • Allegations of child maltreatment in non-licensed personal care provider organizations.
  • Only personal care assistance (PCAs) staff working in home care agencies.

The Minnesota Department of Health Facilities Complaint, OHFC Does Not Investigate:

  • Billing or insurance concerns.
  • Medical clinics.
  • PCAs who do not work for a home care agency.

For more information from the Minnesota Department of Health, Office of Health Facility Complaints concerning nursing homes, assisted living and other elder care providers view resolved complaints at the MDH website.

If you have concerns about failure to perform CPR or any other form of elder abuse or neglect contact Elder Abuse and Neglect Attorney Kenneth LaBore toll free at 1-888-452-6589 or by email at




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